A haiku.

Drive-by posting so I don't miss a day!

A haiku:

Bloody, bloody blood
Rub-a-dub-dub in a tub

Alas, I didn't write it. A Physics teacher at my high school wrote it and it went around like wild-fire for about a week. Feel free to pass it on.


Alicia said...

I like that. Tell the physics teacher he did a good job on that one.

iamliterate said...

I read a blog the other day that is posting a new haiku about zombie-muffins every day this month.

Lindsaygail said...

One of my high school teachers ALSO made up a very popular haiku, although in her case it was meant to help teach reproductive health.
It went like this:

Hi, flacid penis
This is an erect penis

It was accompanied by demonstrative arm motions. She also had a dance that taught the different parts of the female reproductive system that included a little song, and the line: "Check out my cervix!"