When Winter Ruins Your Apartment

Well, I was going to tell you about the awesome dream I had about my wedding last night, involving Jon Snow, a weird Westros-themed wedding, and a glass elevator to space. (Literally, here are the notes I wrote to myself:  "Jon Snow, bacon press boomerang, glass elevator to space.")

But I have since found out that our attic is no more. Our attic, for those of you who are not aware, is the reason we tried so hard to get this apartment. It's an amazing 3rd floor space that we'd started making into an awesome sports-gaming-turntable-ing space with a shuffleboard, that was perfect for hanging out and having beers with friends while playing old school NES and listening to records.

A couple months ago, my fiance and I noticed that there was some water damage on our bedroom ceiling. We told our landlord about it, who planned to fix it in the spring - everything in Wisconsin is pretty frozen solid right now.

Then, last week, our ceiling started dripping.

After a few inspections, we learned (today) that the solution was to completely gut our attic space. Our attic LIVING space. The attic living space that we love, the space we use for projects, for playing NES, for hanging out in a big delightful airy space, for watching Doctor Who during thunderstorms, for sitting with our favorite quilt and blogging, for having a place away from everything to think, relax, and reset.

That space, the best thing about where we live, is gone. Likely forever.

I'm being a baby about it, but we're pretty emotionally attached to that space.

We also used that space for most of our storage, and since we had to move everything out of the attic today, we're throwing out a lot of stuff. I'm donating the shoes I trained for and ran my first marathon in to Goodwill. And I'm a jerk, but I don't want to. It hurts my heart.

I had a tough week. I had a minor fender-bender on my way to work in sub-zero temperatures on Monday, which left me shaky all day (though, thankfully - no one was hurt, not even our cars! Not too much). Even leaving that aside, work has been a real challenge this week. I'm getting stressed about the wedding and everything that needs to be done. And now our apartment is full of storage boxes and we can't really walk anywhere.

So! What was good that happened today?

I found about 7 books for our wedding centerpieces (remind me to tell you about our centerpieces later - I think they'll be awesome)!
I got some delicious non-caffeinated tea at a local vendor (it's like I knew I'd need it...)!
I got rid of a lot of stuff that someone else could legitimately get more use out of than I am (except my marathon shoes - I am truly really sad about those. It's not like they'd be in a museum or anything... but they're my MARATHON SHOES)!
Had a delicious lunch with my parents!
It snowed!
I found some lights that look like heads of garlic that I hung in the kitchen and it's pretty adorable!

Onward to Sunday and a bloody mary, please!