Last weekend The Fiance and I did a canoe race! It was almost an accident - I was searching for duathlons, and found a canoe-run-canoe race in our beautiful state capital.

There were many, many canoes.

Rocky and Bullwinkle started next to us!

It ended at a big party with free beer and food from the Essenhaus!

And we got to portage up to the state capital building. Pretty great day.


I love lazy Sundays.

This has been my day:

My fiance and I got a "new" canoe! He patched it, and we'll take it out later tonight. Just to make sure it works. Just to check.

We dog-sat this weekend for our downstairs neighbors!

I spent the morning on my front deck with Beorn, a Bloody Mary, my garden, and a good book.

I discovered our first cucumber!

And our first pea!

And our second pea!

And some tomatoes!

...and I think that about sums it up.


Oh, right. I have an amazing camera.

A bad thing happened in 2008.

I dropped my Nikon D40 lens-down on a mountain in Ireland.


It hasn't been the same since. The main problem (perhaps the ONLY problem) is that it does not autofocus anymore. This is a problem because I have terrible eyesight and when I use a manual focus lens, things come out less awesome than I would like.

A few months ago, I got an iPod touch, which, essentially, is the same as an iPhone but I can't make calls on it (which... fine. I flat-out refuse to pay for a data plan, so... sorry, iPhone). Now, the iPod/iPhone has a pretty great camera. Unfortunately, I was lulled into what I will call an Instagram stupor and forgot that my Nikon is REALLY a good camera. It's not a great camera, it was the lowest-end DSLR I could get in 2006 when I bought it, but it's better than I need.

I remembered today, and took a few photos at the dog park with Beorn, after which I uploaded those and some other random photos I'd taken in the past few months.

I love this camera, so much. It captures colors beautifully. It's hard to take a really bad photo with it. I just wish autofocus DSLR lenses didn't cost so much. :/ But these are still pretty, despite the not-quite-perfect focus, right?