Hey. That's not a Harley, it's a Schwinn.

This is literally what is going on right outside my apartment right now.

It is the 105th anniversary of Harley-Davidson, meaning that somebody invited goodness-knows how many thousands of Harley riders to Milwaukee for a weekend of fun and revelry. The Harley people themselves seem very nice - they are polite on the road, and they are bringing a lot of money (and Bruce Springsteen!) to the city. I don't, however, like how much congestion is caused by adding about ten thousand motorcycles to a city with too many cars already (guilty).

But it's only one weekend, and I will tolerate it with a smile. Yes, a smile.

The purpose of the gathering outside my apartment seems to be this: Park your Harley on the side of the street, get some beer, drink a lot (apparently Milwaukee relaxes the "open container of alcohol" laws when mighty Harley-Davidson asks them to nicely), and hoot and holler scandalous things at women riding Harleys down the street in chaps (just chaps - without pants under them. Possibly also only a vest, without a shirt). I can't say I will be adopting motorcycle fashion anytime soon. I like my pink hoody and sparkly flip-flops, thank you.

Apparently this guy did not get the memo.

I really didn't capture the sheer number of people outside my apartment on the street right now very well, but there are literally thousands. People love motorcycles. All wandering, most drinking, just watching the street and the people riding by on their bikes. Luckily, Milwaukee police also ride Harleys and are well-prepared to handle such gatherings.

In any case, I feel like I'm learning a lot about people who are passionate about motorcycles. They also like leather, tattoos, large silver necklaces, and black clothing of any kind, particularly tank tops. And they will ride really far to go to a big party with other people who are passionate about the same kind of motorcycles, which is really pretty awesome.



Today I was supposed to set up a Wiki for a class I am TA-ing, which will later in the semester be used by the students to not only learn how to manage a Wiki but also to complete a project for the course. I set up said Wiki this morning, only to find that my username of choice (not this one, because if a student ever found this I would be D E D) was taken. So I registered myself as the admin and typed the first username that popped into my head, which happened to be "Supreme Chancellor." I was thinking I'd be able to go back and change it later, or at least change my displayed name to my actual name, or "The TA For This Class."

The site does not allow people to do any of that.

Basically, LIS 786 will think I'm some kind of *#&$bag.

This is awesome.

I am awesome.



My excuse for not posting in weeks is that I was having a crisis (it's now resolved), and then I was in a place with no internet (or phones, or televisions) enjoying myself immensely. I had the great fortune this year to visit my two favorite places in the world (so far) with some of my favorite people in the world (ever).

This is a nice sunset on Knife Lake, a nicer lake than the name suggests.

Drying my shoes and my hat. Yes, my pink and green Guinness hat.

This is Moose Lake - it was the most crowded lake we paddled on, which was sad (the rest of the trip we saw maybe three people), but it was nice in the morning.

Also Moose Lake... an attempt at nighttime photography. It almost worked.

I am happy to be in the Boundary Waters.

This is where I sat on a nice mossy rock and read my book.

And if I thought I could survive and stand not having Internet access, I'd live up here all the time. Also, if there was no winter. The leaves were already starting to change color when we were there. But it's just so nice.

Boundary Waters gets my stamp of approval.


You taw?

I was in Utah this weekend. I'd never been, and it was fairly enlightening.

It's... uh... kind of quiet.

There are horses with things painted on them, like John Wayne. Methinks they want to be Chicago (not working).

Sparkly ponies!!

Like I said. Quiet.

So... Utah. That's what I'll say about that for now.