My excuse for not posting in weeks is that I was having a crisis (it's now resolved), and then I was in a place with no internet (or phones, or televisions) enjoying myself immensely. I had the great fortune this year to visit my two favorite places in the world (so far) with some of my favorite people in the world (ever).

This is a nice sunset on Knife Lake, a nicer lake than the name suggests.

Drying my shoes and my hat. Yes, my pink and green Guinness hat.

This is Moose Lake - it was the most crowded lake we paddled on, which was sad (the rest of the trip we saw maybe three people), but it was nice in the morning.

Also Moose Lake... an attempt at nighttime photography. It almost worked.

I am happy to be in the Boundary Waters.

This is where I sat on a nice mossy rock and read my book.

And if I thought I could survive and stand not having Internet access, I'd live up here all the time. Also, if there was no winter. The leaves were already starting to change color when we were there. But it's just so nice.

Boundary Waters gets my stamp of approval.

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