Today I was supposed to set up a Wiki for a class I am TA-ing, which will later in the semester be used by the students to not only learn how to manage a Wiki but also to complete a project for the course. I set up said Wiki this morning, only to find that my username of choice (not this one, because if a student ever found this I would be D E D) was taken. So I registered myself as the admin and typed the first username that popped into my head, which happened to be "Supreme Chancellor." I was thinking I'd be able to go back and change it later, or at least change my displayed name to my actual name, or "The TA For This Class."

The site does not allow people to do any of that.

Basically, LIS 786 will think I'm some kind of *#&$bag.

This is awesome.

I am awesome.


Chetter said...


I would demand that they address all emails to the Supreme Chancellor

delightfully mediocre said...

I think they might have to - I sent a test invitation to the site to the professor I'm working with, and there was no way to change my name in THAT, either (or the subject line, which says "Supreme Chancellor invites you to join [blah blah blah site name]!"

Oh, amazing.

KP said...

Things like this are what make me miss school and being a TA!