Adios, 2013 and Another Attempt

Well, here we are again.

I've once again told myself (and anyone who might read this) that I was going to update the blog more often, and once again, it has been two months since I posted a single thing. Of course I've been busy. It's the holidays, I've had a lot of knitting to do, we're getting a foot of snow every other day, my puppy won't stop doing adorable things that require photographing (or scolding), I'm planning a wedding...

A fraction of the aforementioned knitting.

Festive apartment!

Curious puppy!

In short, a perfectly ordinary winter.

And while those are all valid excuses and I could offer them up and keep offering them up, I'd rather make time to reflect and actually put together a blog post a couple times a week.

My friend Liz just moved here from South Carolina, and has started a blog devoted to her adventures in Milwaukee. She has an incredible list of very Milwaukee things to do during 2014, and I can't wait to see what happens. Not only does this inspire me to get out more and explore our city together, but it's also reminded me the reasons I started blogging in the first place and how much I enjoyed it. There are a number of reasons - remembering things, improving as a writer, having adventures worth writing about on the internet... so I'm going to try again, again.

2014 will undoubtedly be a year full of adventures. Adventures worth of documentation. Things will happen I won't want to forget. One of my best friends just moved into a house about three blocks from me (YAY!), I get to marry the best person in the whole wide world, I'mgoingtotryrunninganothermarathonsshhdon'ttellanyone, I'm going to attempt to learn how to can things and actually be a decent cook, our puppy is turning the big O-N-E... and who knows what adventures are in store? No doubt, there will be unexpected excursions and I'll probably fail at a few things (hopefully spectacularly - if you're going to fail, do it with gusto), but I'll try to keep track of it all here, and that will help me remember to keep upbeat and find the awesome even when things don't go as planned.

Here's to a happy New Year!