Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor...

I mentioned some time ago that I'd hit the friend lottery and was going to Disney World in January. I returned this evening without luggage but otherwise unscathed.

Sunset at EPCOT before Illuminations, the nightly fireworks show. It's pretty neat.


I turn my camera on...

This afternoon I purchased a new camera to replace the one I dropped on the floor, and promptly took the as-yet unnamed New Camera to the art museum (Macs like for everything you plug into them to have a name. Right now the new camera pops up as "No Name" which is depressing, so I'm working on something better). New Camera is slightly less low-end than my previous camera but is the lowest-end camera of its type I could find, and as such I am not changing my title. Eat that. My point is, new camera. And look what you can do! You can play with the shutter speed! It's far too much fun for Saturday night.

And that is my new camera. It has many functions I haven't quite figured out yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Jimmy Jazz, Jazz... Jazz... Jazz...

Winter has finally stopped giving Wisconsin the silent treatment. Of course, I have no pictures of the two of us kissing and making up, so here, instead, is a picture of sometime last November when there was some nice sunset light at the marina.

The light outside right now is crap. I almost liked it better when winter was still off somewhere in Canada.


Drip drip drop little April showers!

...is it Spring yet? I love how green the grass can be and how blue the sky is. As opposed to brown and gray, respectively. So Spring?

Right. No.


But I am leaving for Disney World in just over a week. It's hard to top that.


On the perils of Ebay

I had a hankering at one point during college. A hankering I couldn't shake for three whole hours. Thus, I turned to Ebay. Oh Ebay. You devil, you.

One hundred dollars and five weeks later (once I'd forgotten all about the hankering), a large triangular package showed up at my dorm room door. Inside was the object of all the hankering.

The Banjo.

Do I play the banjo? Not exactly. Do I play any string instruments? No, but I do play the saxophone. Is it a beautiful, hoedown-worthy Gibson banjo? No, it's a Korean thing with a high string that won't stay tuned even when offered cookies (which is probably okay considering my answer to the next question). Have I learned to play the banjo in the four years I've owned one?

Certainly not.

I can play the first four or perhaps eight bars of 'Dueling Banjos,' and that's enough to go sit out in the woods and scare the dickens out of innocent campers. What else do you really need a banjo for?


Dance dance dance!

After six hours of school, I've had enough of the day. I hit the radio dial, and turn it up all the way, I gotta daaaaaaance! Right on the floor!