Portraits of running in my neighborhood

Things I saw on my run today:

- Cherry blossoms! We are more than a month behind Washington DC (a place I adore, home to one of my favorite people on the planet!), but I think this means Spring is here.

- A middle-aged man in the building next to mine driving to put his trash in the dumpster for tomorrow. The dumpster is about 15 yards away, if that. He was blasting Evanescence with all his windows down. It was hilarious.

- A dog running to bark at, bite, or lick me and another dog intercepting that dog to hump it enthusiastically.

All in all, a good run.


A Thursday List!

Are we already a week into May? Shocking! I do not know how this happened. Thus, a list!

1) I am so glad Brett Favre (for the moment) won't be playing for the Vikings. I had a very long and irate post about the fact that Brett Favre is even less awesome than I thought last season, but I am not going to post it, because some naive part of my brain really, really wants to believe that Brett is a decent human being who doesn't hate the people of Wisconsin. I won't actually believe it until sometime midway through September, and I know he doesn't care what I think, but still. Brett is okay. For now. Dun dun DUN!

2) The Star Trek movie! I have not seen it, and am going tomorrow. I am very excite! I think it will be good! To be honest, I never really watched The Original Series (ToS as it is known amongst Trekkies) and was more a Next Generation and Deep Space Nine fan. It's entirely possible that this makes me a nerd, and it's also entirely possible that I do not care.

3) Sometimes I over-identify with Liz Lemon. Especially when she awkwardly recites rap lyrics and references The Sims. Oh dear. Do the kids still play The Sims?

4) I ran 2.5 miles yesterday, and again today whee! This is more impressive when you consider that at least half of both those runs were uphill (I live at the top of a hill, as I have mentioned).

5) I love love. I love being in love! (Thank you, The Format.)

6) We haven't been below freezing in over a week. I officially declare it pre-summer! In parts of the world other than the upper Midwest, this might be known as Spring.

7) It's possible that with recent state budget cuts and an announcement from our governor today, I will lose my job. I am a state employee and we are at the mercy of taxes, which have been down with so many unemployed in the last year. If you're the praying kind, I wouldn't object if you spared one for me and my friends at the library.

8) To further the pre-summer signs, my electric heated mattress pad has not been turned on for three whole days. Pre-summer! (Shut up, I have a heated mattress pad because I live in Wisconsin and I don't like being cold.)

9) I have been watching Survivor only because a person I used to know is on it. It's a weird show and evidently lots of people watch it. Are you one of them?

10) Do you ever wonder if you're weird-looking? It has just occurred to me recently, watching America's Next Top Model (from the three episodes I've seen, I'm rooting for creepy-chan) that maybe I'm weird-looking, but not in a good way. Just in a way that is sort of irritating to people I am around until they get used to my appearance. Clearly, I am used to my own appearance so I have no idea if my eyes are, in fact, "too close together." Though who decides what is "too close" I do not know. Am I the only person who wastes time thinking about these things when she's trying to fall asleep? Probably.

11) I finally made it to a Brewer game last weekend (first this season - sausage race shown above... as previously stated, I am a fish-only vegetarian - a pesco-vegetarian, if you will, I can not give up sushi - except while camping and at Wisconsin sporting events, when brats are a full-on go. Oh, Secret Stadium Sauce! Don't ever change), which was fantastic. They won, which was more fantastic. The Bratwurst won the sausage race, which was even more fantastic, and Trevor Hoffman got his wish for louder walk-out music, which was ridiculous on top of fantastic. Hooray for baseball! Hooray for the Brewers being over .500! Boo for the Brewers losing tonight, but hooray otherwise! I read an article once that described Brewer fans as over-enthusiastic little league parents who applaud their team just for trying. This is accurate.

That is all I have for today. I've had a great week (aside from the layoff possibility, which is not great, but the weather has been beautiful and they figured out what is wrong with my car, yay!), and I hope you have too. It's a little strange, not feeling pressured to come up with something to blog about every day. It's nice.

And then of course, when I come back what do I do? Post a list of random stuff. Alas. Habits! I do like my lists.