Portraits of running in my neighborhood

Things I saw on my run today:

- Cherry blossoms! We are more than a month behind Washington DC (a place I adore, home to one of my favorite people on the planet!), but I think this means Spring is here.

- A middle-aged man in the building next to mine driving to put his trash in the dumpster for tomorrow. The dumpster is about 15 yards away, if that. He was blasting Evanescence with all his windows down. It was hilarious.

- A dog running to bark at, bite, or lick me and another dog intercepting that dog to hump it enthusiastically.

All in all, a good run.

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Chetter said...

You've inspired me - I'm going to start running again! (Of course, it should be mentioned that I say this every spring, go out for one run, re-realize how much I hate it and that's that)