Oh, right. I have an amazing camera.

A bad thing happened in 2008.

I dropped my Nikon D40 lens-down on a mountain in Ireland.


It hasn't been the same since. The main problem (perhaps the ONLY problem) is that it does not autofocus anymore. This is a problem because I have terrible eyesight and when I use a manual focus lens, things come out less awesome than I would like.

A few months ago, I got an iPod touch, which, essentially, is the same as an iPhone but I can't make calls on it (which... fine. I flat-out refuse to pay for a data plan, so... sorry, iPhone). Now, the iPod/iPhone has a pretty great camera. Unfortunately, I was lulled into what I will call an Instagram stupor and forgot that my Nikon is REALLY a good camera. It's not a great camera, it was the lowest-end DSLR I could get in 2006 when I bought it, but it's better than I need.

I remembered today, and took a few photos at the dog park with Beorn, after which I uploaded those and some other random photos I'd taken in the past few months.

I love this camera, so much. It captures colors beautifully. It's hard to take a really bad photo with it. I just wish autofocus DSLR lenses didn't cost so much. :/ But these are still pretty, despite the not-quite-perfect focus, right?

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Anna said...

Just as an FYI, in case you know anybody with an 'old' iPhone: I use AT&T's GoPhone deal-y, which is something like $25/month for 250min talk and unlimited text (I don't really talk on the phone that much) -- and no data. They'll say you're not supposed to use them with iPhones, but that's just policy, not compatibility. So I got Rob's iPhone 4 when he upgraded to the 4s (which does seem to have a nicer camera than the 4, but I'm not sure how the iPod compares to each of them) and pay less for cell service than ever before.

And just keep practicing the manual focus -- these photos are nice!