Link! He came to town... he came to SAVE! The Princess Zelda!

I have UNC to win the NCAA tournament on my bracket, but I'd really like Michigan State to take it. Go upper Midwest! And (grudgingly) Big Ten! Rep-r-sent! Also, Ford Field is a ridiculously cavernous place to play a basketball game.

Speaking of the upper Midwest and where I live, this place is a geographical oddity. It takes one hour to get anywhere (even Lambeau Field, as previously discussed. Which I can get to in about five minutes except on game day, when it's about an hour). The Boyfriend and I have discovered this multiple times as we attempt to do things in the area and are unable, unless we're in the mood to sit in the car for two hours round-trip to get there and back. This weekend we went to the above, a lovely state park on Lake Michigan.

I noticed when I lived in view of the lake in Milwaukee, but Lake Michigan has moods. Yesterday it was in a teal kind of mood. You know, tealish. Like it was sort of in the mood to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

And poor The Boyfriend. I asked him to stop by my parents' house before he drove up here this weekend and pick up a bag they had for me. He had no idea that the contents of this bag would shape our weekend together. What was in this bag?

Oh yes. It took about three-dozen tries, but we now have The Legend of Zelda.

I think Link was better at this game when I was a kid.

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