18 Things I Did Today... Sort of.

Today's shoes are red and sassy (I was judging some local high school students' National History Day projects - they were so much better than anything I could have done!). And that's my bathroom.

Here is a list of 18 things to do that Maureen Johnson posted (it is her fault you're getting so many posts from me).

1. Blog every day in April - Well, this one I am still working on.

2. Make some soup


Wait, does opening a can and heating it up constitute "making" soup? And wait again, I don't eat bacon, so I won't be doing this anyway. Who put bacon in my potato soup? Bummer.

3. Get a hat


4. Read a book

I enjoy reading! What should I read?


Aha! Much more delight!

5. Make a friend

This is my friend, Michael Jackson. He is called Michael Jackson because he is baaaaaaaaad. Get it?

6. Say something nice to someone

You look especially nice today, has anyone told you that? Also, you are funny. Not in a you're-not-trying-to-be way, but you're legitimately funny. It's true.

7. Work on your moves

My moves could use some work.

8. Speak for an entire day in a fake accent

Today I shall be Northern Irish.


9. Cultivate a completely imaginary relationship with someone famous

This one could be tough. I mean, not that I can't imagine a relationship with someone famous, just tough to illustrate with a photo.

I didn't know what to do.

Then my good friend Daniel Craig called and told me everything would be okay. As usual, Daniel was right. Oh, Daniel. You always know just what to say!

10. Do something completely sekrit

Obviously, I can't show you this one.

11. Go into a store and pretend not to know how something works

What the heck?

They go on your nose? I don't get it.

Michael Jackson was able to help.

12. Spend one week completely offline


13. Plan to go somewhere

I do have this passport.

Whoops, it's an American passport and as we have discussed, I am from Northern Ireland. Why else would I be wearing this Northern Ireland National Team soccer jersey?

Luckily I'm already planning on going to Rock Island, which doesn't involve a passport at all. Nobody will know.

14. Hit the shiny red button

I will have to find it first.

15. Write to me Maureen Johnson

I'll use this creepy pen my grandmother sent me in a box of cookies!


16. Learn to sew on a button

Well, I can do that, but what are these for?

17. Admit it

Fine. FINE. I do have them.

18. Try again tomorrow

I try to be my best.

Well, not always. I could have Photoshopped all the Photo Booth pictures to be the right way, but I am busy picking the bacon out of this soup.


Anonymous said...

I cannot stop laughing. Oh my, I don't like bacon in my soup either. Good luck with trying to get it out. Just know that the essence of bacon will never leave.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you're a Jane Austen fan you should check out Polly Shulman's Enthusiasm. I LOVED IT. Oh, and anything by Elizabeth Scott or John Green.

Alicia said...

this made me giggle. Nice blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's nice to see Daniel Craig reaching out. Sometimes he can be so reclusive, it's good to know he has a friend like you.

KP said...

I approve of #17.

Imelda said...

Hey! Another Northern Irish gal!

I might attempt "18 Things In A Day" next time I'm bored. Could have done it today because I did NOTHING but read your blog too late. Oh dear.

Chetter said...

Your awesomeness amazes me.