Going to the chapel and we're... gonna get loooooost...

Today I went on a quest. You see, in the faculty and staff newsletter a couple weeks ago, the author mentioned a chapel in the arboretum on campus. This is a secret chapel. Naturally, being a fan of both hiking and secret things, I needed to find it. Today was the perfect opportunity because today was the first day that was nice enough for hiking in the campus arboretum. I was extremely pleased. And motivated.

First, I got some directions from my coworkers. These directions boiled down to, "Go to the soccer fields, cross the street to find the trail and go right as much as possible."

So I did that.

And walked.

And met some deer while I walked. I work at a university and we have deer all over campus, because of awesome. HIPPIE U!

And I walked some more.

Eventually (about three miles later) all my "going right" brought me back to the trailhead where I'd started. I had not found the chapel. I was slightly annoyed. I was sweatier than I had expected, you see.

Then I realized that in my excitement of being an intrepid voyager, I had crossed the wrong street after the soccer fields. Oops. This is not terribly surprising, given my horrible sense of direction. Sometime we'll go hiking and I will demonstrate for you why you never, ever want to give me the map.

However, once I realized my error, I easily found the chapel!

The chapel is really neat, and definitely worth a four-or-so mile hike to find. Even though for normal, sane people, with a normal, sane person's sense of direction it would have been about a mile. It was built in the 1920s, and apparently it's a secret. There's an "urban" legend (I say "urban" because if you knew where this campus was... you'd laugh at the use of "urban") amongst the students that there was a serial killer back in the 1940s who killed three or four people back in the arboretum, and then washed the blood off his hands with the holy water in the chapel.

This is not true. Take it from me - there is a serial killer stalking the campus where I went to college, so I know about these things (okay, I admit that I do not believe the serial killer theory at my alma mater and in fact think it is totally ridiculous).

If I can get anything up on this blog tomorrow it will be amazing. Alas. I am going camping (this is not alas, and is, in fact, HUZZAH!) and leaving in the morning, so if I have time I will post, but if I don't... I'm going camping.

Tonight I had a long conversation with one of my best friends. We found great amusement in the fact that he is watching The Phantom Menace against his will while I'm delighting in The Empire Strikes Back. I'm pretty sure I win this round.

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