Let me hear that, get me near that crunchy granola suite!

This photo from last summer represents what it looks like outside right now, in that it is dark, not that I have a kayak tree, and also the fact that I am going camping tomorrow. Er, this afternoon. If only this camping involved kayaking. Oh goodness, tomorrow would be an amazing day.

I'm not sure if this is cheating or not since I just made a post an hour ago, but it is technically the 18th and knowing me, I will wake up late tomorrow and will not get to my campsite by the time I said I would. And... well, really nothing too bad will happen, but I'll feel bad about making The Boyfriend wait for me to set up the tent. But should that happen, Blog Every Day April will certainly go by the wayside. Thus, I am posting now.

Here are some reasons I love camping:

- Nature is extremely cool.
- When you get home from camping, your bed is the most amazing thing ever.
- Similarly, your shower is the most amazing thing ever.
- Campfires smell really, really good.
- The only time I eat meat is if it is a brat and it is grilled (or at a sporting event in the state of Wisconsin). I call this being a pseudo-vegetarian. For dinner we are cooking brats over a campfire. I may completely freak out. The last time I had a brat was before the Brewers made the playoffs. Oh goodness. I love brats.
- I enjoy sleeping outside on the ground and getting dirty.
- Sleeping after being outside in the fresh air all day is different than sleeping after working in a library all day. Different and better.
- Usually I go camping with The Boyfriend. Any time spent with The Boyfriend is automatically pretty awesome.
- The birds where we are going are the loudest alarm clock in the world.
- There is some kind of satisfaction to be gained from knowing you can survive a night outside.
- It's much quieter than my apartment.
- It is the only time I feel remotely comfortable accepting that I am, or that a part of me is, sort of, a little bit, a hippie.
- Occasionally I desperately need a break from my apartment, my street, my job, my refrigerator, and my car.
- Really, if you've been camping and don't like it, I can't convince you of its awesomeness. I'd be even less successful attempting to convince you of the awesomeness of backpacking - people who get it, get it, and if you don't... that's okay. We just know you're missing out.

Now is the time when I play Neil Diamond far too loudly for the hour and actually pack for said camping. Holly Holy, now.

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absolutemediocrity said...

Man, I haven't been camping in far too long. I think it's been almost 3 years now?!? Stupid nature, taunting me from my windows while I work...