Also, Budweiser still tastes like water.

Things I have learned so far this weekend:

1) Minor league hockey is a riot! Not literally a riot, more like an actual hockey game. But it is fun!
2) U2 will be playing stadiums later this year! You want to go. One of us, one of us...
3) Books rarely make me cry, but when one does it's like being hit by a train in a good way.
4) The Humane Society has way too many dog-walking volunteers on Saturday mornings. It is best to find another day to volunteer, as you will be useless on Saturday morning and go away unfulfilled.
5) It is much more fun to think of Infrequently Asked Questions to put on the library website rather than to update the real Frequently Asked Questions, like you boss asked you to (Q: "Does the library have a disaster plan in place in the event of a hostile alien invasion?"). What questions do you infrequently ask about the library?
6) It is physically possible for me to go into Target and spend less than $20. Unlikely, but possible.

So much learning! And half of the weekend is yet to come. This time tomorrow, what will we know?

In case anyone out there is interested, I have a Twitter account. I don't really understand what it's all about, but sometimes it amuses. Last week Michael Ian Black declared Twitter war on LeVar Burton (yes, LeVar Burton. But don't take my word for it!) because... he felt like it? Not sure exactly where it's going or entirely what it's for, but apparently librarians do these things so I put things on it sometimes and if you have one, you should let me know.

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