Get on your boots. It snowed again.

Wow. I'd never seen The Bachelor before tonight, and I think it's safe to say I'll never, ever watch it again. What an awful, disgusting, terrible show! Yuck. My reality show of choice is still The Amazing Race. It's a race! It's amazing! It has a guy named Phil!

U2 is on Letterman all week, the only reason I am still awake. I adore them, but I have to say - U2 is way too big to be confined to David Letterman's stage.

Reading a lot of comics lately! It's helping with the winter blues. I'm very tired of winter. I think I say this every year, but it seems like I go along okay with winter until after the holidays, and then the toughest part of winter starts. I think, "I can handle this, it's only a few more weeks," and then I get to the point where I can't handle it anymore and slowly start going insane. Then I go past the insanity point, it gets even colder, even more snow falls, I drive absolutely everyone in my life completely up the wall, and when they can't take anymore - it means there's only a month to go. We're probably at the five-weeks-left point, so watch out friends and family - the calls from me will start coming soon. Just do your best to talk me down, it'll be fine. If you're not up for it, do feel free to tell me to shut up and go watch some animated Batman.

Please come soon, spring!


KP said...

The Walking Dead!

I'm midway through the second hardcover.

delightfully mediocre said...

Oooohhhh Kyle! It gets totally nuts right about there.

I am also reading through the Buffy Omnibus. I'm on the second one right now.