Who has time to apply for jobs when there's so much excitement? Luckily, I can multitask.

Last weekend I went camping at Rock Island State Park. Rock Island is a teeny little island which is entirely a state park, off Washington Island, which is a teeny little island off Door County. It's probably my favorite Wisconsin State Park. There are no cars or bikes allowed on the island, so it's very quiet, and our site was about a mile from the ferry landing so all we heard most of the time were the waves on the lake.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't nearly as nice as our site (which was awesome), but we did get this rainbow before we got on the ferry.

(Sidenote: I'm watching The Biggest Loser right now, and they're "camping" in the Grand Canyon. And complaining about the camping. Newsflash, television: sleeping at the Grand Canyon on cots with pillows in a tent big enough to hold my bedroom? That is not camping. That is a one-star hotel. Also, something most people never get to experience. Enjoy it!)

This is from the ferry landing at Washington Island looking toward Rock Island. Full rainbow!

From the tower at Peninsula State Park. I'd hoped the trees would've turned a little more, but it was still pretty.

Perhaps most importantly, while we were gone, the Brewers made the playoffs. We got back to the car just in time to hear the final three pitches of the Mets game and... it was super exciting. I hit the roof of the car, literally.

I said I'd be happy if they just made the playoffs, and I am. I'll be thrilled if they aren't knocked out by the Phillies, but this is the first time since I was a couple months old that this has happened, so this is pretty damn awesome. A very cool thing about Wisconsin is that we are far too small a state to have any business with a professional baseball or professional football team, but we have both because the people here want and support them. I wish the Brewers luck this week! They have already made Milwaukee proud!

Woo Brewers woo!!

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