Goodbye, wildcard Octoberfest.

So the playoffs didn't turn out quite as well as we all hoped (unless "we" in this case is you, and you are a Phillies fan, in which case - BOO). Alas. At least they weren't swept and the one game they won was incredibly satisfying. I'm already looking forward to next Spring. Seriously. Milwaukee doesn't have much to get excited about, sports-wise (Marquette doesn't count), so here's to next year.

Thanks for a great season, Brewers!

(By the way, the above photo illustrates how I was "watching" the playoffs. I do not have cable. For me, watching was listening to Bob Uecker on the AM radio and watching the ticker on my computer. It worked surprisingly well - and I did get to watch the game they won on an actual television. Newfangled!)


KP said...

I can relate to you on this one! I usually end up listening to Uecker and watch MLB's GameDay online thingey because the only time the Brewers are on TV in IL is if they play the Cubs, or if they are on cable (which is, what, 5% of the season?).

What a season! And as my friendly coworker Cub fans remind me, at least the Brewers won a game in the playoffs..

delightfully mediocre said...

Huzzah, they have won a playoff game! I think that's what I was hoping for - I went on ESPN shortly after they won their wildcard spot, and every single analyst on their site was predicting a Phillies sweep. I'm like, "Can't anyone give Milwaukee some credit?" And I actually have no idea when they're on cable... I think pretty much every game is on FSN Wisconsin, but of course you wouldn't be able to get that down there.

Now to watch the somewhat abysmal Packers, I guess. w00t?