It's root, root root for the [YOUR TEAM HERE], if they don't win it's a shame...

I saw a no-hitter yesterday! Unfortunately, it was by Carlos Zambrano and not a member of my Team of Choice, but there are plenty of people who won't attend a no-hitter in their lifetime, and it was tremendously exciting, and I applaud excellence. Now if they'd just give C. C. Sabathia the one he threw a couple weeks ago...

I'm not going to get into how annoying it is listening to Cubs fans bad-mouth the Brewers at Miller Park when the Cubs are not even playing the Brewers. I'm not going to get into how sad it is that the Brewers playoff hopes are rapidly going down the toilet. Nor will I discuss Ned Yost's current unemployment.

I will instead post this, my favorite baseball picture, which I took last summer at a game I attended with my good friend, Blake. I believe they were playing Saint Louis, and I think they won. My favorite part is the fact that the girl up there is extremely excited about... nothing.

Unfortunately, Blake is a Cubs fan. Then again, so is my boyfriend, and I like him well enough. I realized recently that a disturbing number of my friends are Cubs fans. Luckily, they aren't that obnoxious.

Not going to lie - I registered for the Cubs postseason lottery (I registered for the Brewers postseason lottery, but as previously discussed, this might've been a waste of time). Depending on what I overhear Cubs fans saying before October starts, I may actually buy those tickets, if I get the chance. That might make me very popular amongst some of my pals. I'd laugh, I'd laugh very hard, if I won that lottery.

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to post something because the Harleys left weeks ago. Happy September - I am celebrating by watching excellently-pitched baseball and making chili.

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