8 ways in which I win.

Lately, though I have been quite overwhelmingly busy and have found some things incredibly frustrating, the overall picture has been quite nice. My conclusion? I win.

1) I have my very first in-person, second interview for a job in a nice place soon. Since this is my very first in-person second interview, I don't have a clue how to prepare. The general consensus amongst friends and colleagues I have asked seems to be a nice mixture of "Don't Panic (in large friendly letters)" and "Be Yourself." Being myself I can handle. Unfortunately, being myself seems to involve panicking when faced with my very first in-person second interview for a job. Conundrum. But win!

2) The Boyfriend and I are chronologically working our way through the Akira Kurosawa films which have been released on Region 1 DVD as of the last time he checked. The last one we watched was Stray Dog, which was delightful. I think Rashomon is coming up soon, which is one of my favorites. Win!

3) The secondhand CD/DVD store down the street from me just moved. This would be sad, but they moved to the other side of the street, which makes it even closer to my apartment. Tonight a friend and I decided to check out the new store, and found all sorts of categories we had no idea had even been in the other store. I left with a copy of Good Bye Lenin! (which I have never seen for sale in the US, ever), The Last Emperor, and the third set of Batman: The Animated Series. All this awesome for under $30. That is win.

4) Unless I am mistaken, the third set of Batman: The Animated Series is the one in which Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl (I think you all know I like Barbara Gordon Batgirl. She was a librarian, after all). Also, I am currently watching an episode of said Batman series, and LeVar Burton just started talking as some sort of henchmen guy. But you don't have to take my word for it.

5) Though I may be the last person to discover this, KeepVid is a delightful website that converts YouTube videos into downloadable Quicktime files. I probably don't need to tell you that I now have several "episodes" of Monsterpiece Theatre on my iPod. (And Ernie and Bert Go Fishing? This may be an appropriate time to confess my love for all things Old Skool Sesame Street. I still think it's funny.)

6) Periodically I go shopping in the bags my sister is donating to Goodwill. It's hard to beat red pyjama pants with kangaroos rocking out to iPods on them.

7) There are fruit flies all over my kitchen. "But!" you might say, "That sounds more like failure!" And you would be right, if I hadn't managed to contain said fruit flies to a bowl in my sink using my magical powers and some balsamic vinegar. Please don't ask what I'm going to do with this bowl. Again, it will probably involve magic. The point is they're not all over the apartment, and thus, I win.

8) Just think how impressive it's going to be when the Brewers recover from their horrible, horrible performance against the Cubs to rocket themselves to the top of the division! It's going to be very impressive. And awesome. But will necessarily involve some winning.

9) I'm going to one of my top two favorite places in the world in a couple weeks.


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