Gimmie gimmie gimme a man after midnight?

I'm not going to say I actually enjoyed Mamma Mia, because between the woman on my right hacking up something and asking loud questions ("IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE?" "IS THIS A MUSICAL OR SOMETHING?" "IS SHE SLUTTY?" "ARE THEY FRIENDS?" "DID YOU SEE THAT?" "WHY IS SHE DRESSED THAT WAY?" "THIS SEEMS LIKE THE END!") and the little girl to the left screaming (literally) through the entire movie ("OMG MAMMA MIA!! MAMMA MIA!!!"), I had trouble paying much attention to the quality of the acting and the dialogue. However, I will say that I wouldn't mind that much if my life turned into an ABBA musical.

I'm just sayin.' That might actually rock.

Though I'd probably have significantly fewer friends.


KP said...

I won't lie: I kinda want to see it...

delightfully mediocre said...

It was... okay. I think. It was hard to tell.