You canNOT be serious!

I should really be more annoyed about all this.

To add to the absolutely ridiculous luck I'm having so far in 2009 (if you want to know, ask - there are many stories), Facebook has now decided that I am not who I say I am, and has deactivated my account. I've emailed them about this, but they have yet to respond to me and I'm so completely irritated with absolutely everything Internet-related that I might just leave my account deactivated. I'm about ready to be done trying to do things - I'm doing a lot of failing lately, and failing is surprisingly exhausting. You name it, I've failed at it sometime in the last two months, it's probably some sort of record! I should look into that. Maybe this is some kind of test, or karma (sheesh, I must've been an incredible annoyance to somebody), or God having a really funny joke with my relatives in Heaven to see how insane they can make me act before my head explodes. I seriously don't know what's going on, because all this stuff happening now can't possibly be a coincidence.

Of course I'm not actually going to stop trying to do anything. That wouldn't make sense and might not even be possible. I'm going to try to take a shower in the morning, and I made an incredibly successful and delicious avocado sandwich for dinner tonight. I'm just saying that I'm frustrated. The thing is that frustrations never end and there will always be things in your way, and the trick is how you handle it. I think the way I'm going to handle it is to become less dependent on the Internet entirely and instead do things like write people postcards. And take pictures (I still haven't missed a day this year!) of neat things. I should've taken the picture of my tow truck drivers, they were both sort of awesome. Next time I'm stranded, I'll be sure it's with my camera.

I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get hit in the head with a puck, because the people I'm going with said they'd have to pretend not to know me if I wore a helmet.

How are you?


KP said...

That is pretty frakkin' ridiculous. :(

delightfully mediocre said...

Yeah, it could be more awesome. :/ Oh well. If I get desperate, I could try to register for another account... hmm, perhaps.