Talking about things (like a walk in the park)...

A few things for today:

1) Observe:

I like these socks for several reasons. First of all, they are green. Second, they are wool. Third and most importantly, the middle parts give your feet a hug. (Fourth, and a minor reason to like them, is that my sister hates them. HA.)

2) I bought this lamp today. When I unwrapped the shade I discovered that there were bonus dangly things!

I should probably return it because it is completely ridiculous, but it's a bonus!

3) And then:

Lambeau Field tour!

4) Did people really use phrases like "hotter than Vulcan's [thingy]" as often and have as much sex in ancient Rome as Rome suggests? Sheesh.

5) Today is my parents' anniversary. Thanks for gettin' hitched, you two crazy kids!

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