One minute update.

It occurs to me, that while I'm fairly certain I know all the people reading this, there might be one or two slightly creepy stalker people who don't know exactly what I've been up to.

Here are the three most exciting things that have happened in my life in the last while:

1) I graduated. I am now a Master of Library Science. Doesn't that sound impressive?

It's less impressive that I never could figure out how to wear the master's hood properly.

2) I went to Ireland (this gets an exclamation point because it's much more exciting)!



Fantastic, beautiful scenery!

More fantastic, beautiful scenery!

Can there possibly be more fantastic, beautiful scenery?

Oh, but there can!

It's a very nice place, Ireland.

3) I had a perfectly ripe peach and some fancy cheese for dinner this evening while I watched Pride and Prejudice. Simple tastes, you know. I am easily satisfied by the very best.

My, what an exciting life I do lead.


Chetter said...

Hooray on the graduation! Jimmy wants to know if you're a hot librarian now.

I can't wait to see you at the birthday party extravaganza!

delightfully mediocre said...

Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't think I get to claim hot librarian status until I actually get a librarian job. Which, from the way things are going, won't happen for a while. Which is fine. Because almost everyone I like is around here.

YES BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! I am also excited. :)