Happy Birthday, Country!

In Milwaukee, as I'm sure they do around the United States, the big ol' fat daddy of fireworks displays is on July 3rd so as not to take away from the smaller surrounding towns and their much smaller, slightly pathetic fireworks displays on the actual holiday of Independence Day.

That said, I think I prefer the smaller fireworks extravaganzas and it is thoughtful of Milwaukee (well done, city) to do this. They remind me more of when I was a wee child and we watched fireworks sitting on the hood of our Firebird (not at all unlike this beauty - there's a car that is not messing around. It's definitely making some sort of statement. That statement might be "Driver is slightly redneck!" or "Hey, I've got a bird on my hood! I can't wait to tell my friends, none of them have a bird this big!" but at least it's going for something). Now fireworks have become this hour-long bombardment that probably sounds more like the London blitz than happy celebration time. See, it's a happy bombardment so it's okay.

Also, everything I saw said that the fireworks started at 10:30. Evidently this was Special Eastern Time, which is an hour and ten minutes ahead of Central Standard Time, because the fireworks actually started at about 9:20 while I was still walking to the lake and I was all, "Dadburnit, they done started without me!" But you know, it's thoughtful of them, for those citizens watching Milwaukee's fireworks from the Hamptons.


Happy Birthday, America. You're a good country, even though you get picked on a lot and sometimes you deserve it. I still like you and I hope your 233rd year (golly, you're older than dirt, lil' buddy) is the best ever.

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