When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way...

This is supposedly the busiest week of travel in this country, but personally, I'm not going anywhere. Well, anywhere exciting. I do not consider driving four hours to my aunt's house to be terribly exciting, especially when we're not even leaving the state. For a small state, Wisconsin is pretty big - you can drive at least ten hours and not hit something that isn't Wisconsin. That seems wrong.

In any case, I like travel and generally think it is a good thing. I think the TSA is considering disallowing cameras (and all other small electronic devices - goodbye, iPod) on planes in 2007, which would break my heart. We'll have to go back to documenting things by drawing them, and if you've ever seen my art, you know that is a bad, bad plan.

One thing I really like about this picture are the two rising suns that showed up because of the double-paned glass at the airport. It makes me feel like Luke Skywalker. Excuse me while I go hum the "Binary Sunset" theme.

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