Deep Blue Day

We've got sort of a fake indian summer here and since I finished my homework to-do list before noon today, I figured I ought to take advantage of what is probably one of my last chances to wander around downtownish.

Generally when I have these grand plans to wander around downtownish and take pictures of neat things, I end up at the art museum. As a result, I've been a-wandering aorund downtownish a dozen times and couldn't tell you any of the neat things down there. Except the art museum.

The lobby. Unless it's night, it's always all blue and reflectey in there.

I'm still sort of shocked they'll let you in the lobby for free.


My feet look huge, but don't be afraid! I promise I wear size sevens.

Either the Cathedral Square decorating committee hasn't gotten the memo that it isn't Christmas yet, or this is Wisconsin and everyone puts their lights up two months early because when it is actually socially acceptable to have Christmas decorations up, it's freaking cold and nobody wants to be outside. Not sure which.

Speaking of Cathedral Square, it's Sunday, and I had these grand expectations of branching out and taking pictures of something other than the art museum - namely, churches. This dream is still unrealized, because apparently churches are locked on Sundays. O! I am fortune's fool! Perhaps I should try again on Thursday. Beause that would make sense.

I have many silly expectations. One of these is that I will marry Superman, another is that one day I will have a very nice camera, yet another is that churches are unlocked early Sunday afternoons. Today's example: I expect cities to be full of fat pigeons.

Milwaukee gets my city stamp of approval.

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