More stuff we've been up to since the Best Day Ever.

That wedding recap is still on the way. Really.

But we had a totally awesome weekend last weekend!

First, we went to our friends' house for a fantastic campfire and insane spread of smoked and pickled fish, caviar, cava, and crazy Russian potato vodka. And amazing cheeses.

Beorn's buddy Roo was there.

Then the delightful Liz and I went to the Maker Market, where I got a ridiculous This is Spinal Tap poster in a bargain bin. Because if there's anything I need, it's more stuff to put on our walls.

Following the Maker Market, we wandered across the street to meet our gentlemen callers at The Highbury, because the US were playing Turkey in a World Cup practice match. There was a dog named Marlo there, and he was a rock star.

You should probably watch the World Cup at the Highbury, if you are around here.

We got home, and did a bunch of gardening with our downstairs neighbors, and then met up with Liz and her gentleman again for Game of Thrones (OMG!! Oh wait, no. I read the book already).

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