In case anyone wants an update on the car - it's actually a good thing I ran over that whatever-it-was, since my tires are, all four of them, about to blow. Which is why I'm sitting here three days before my wedding waiting for new tires to be put on my car.

I do not recommend this.

However, this means I can drive on the interstate at the proper speed limit without worrying my spare or my crappy old tires will explode, and there is definitely something to be said for that. I've spent every day since learning the tenuous situation with my remaining 3 tires driving with my arms completely tensed, leaning over like a 98 year old and driving about 45 miles per hour on the highway.

So the car has new tires, and that's good.

Also, my fiance is amazing. A. Maz. Ing. I will tell you why after the wedding, because right now the surprise he informed me of today is a secret. Seekrit. An awesome, amazing seekrit.

I have an awesome amazing seekrit, and that's good.

The weather on Saturday (everyone, please, knock on something wooden), looks perfect. That is good.

We're almost done with most of everything we need to do, and that is very, very good.

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