I want to ride my bicycle.

Yesterday I rode my bike to the Brewers game. They won (bonus), I got free parking (double bonus) and an awesome sunburn (negative bonus).

In other news, I still really love Dune. Book Dune, that is. The spice must flow. If you haven't read it, and have any interest in fantastic science fiction and/or environmental statements in literature, you should read it. It's great. I am taking it on a very long plane ride soon, and adding it to my "List of Books I've Read This Year."

I didn't realize it until a couple days ago, but I've read 37 books this year already. I have a slight advantage here - being a Young Adult librarian gives me a great excuse to read Children's and Young Adult books without being judged too harshly for it, and thus I'm able to read things pretty quickly (I read all 5 Percy Jackson books in a couple weeks, only on breaks at work). However, my favorite book I've read so far this year is The Art of Racing in the Rain. The narrator is a dog. And that sounds ridiculous, but I was crying within ten pages, which is a good, good sign. If you have a dog, or had a dog at some point, or if the second word you said in your entire life was "dog" and despite this your parents never let you get one (AHEM MOM AND DAD), you should read this book. It is well written and moving, and deeper than anything I've read in a long time.

Of course, I've been reading things like Percy Jackson and Jane, an overly-sexy updated version of Jane Eyre (not kidding, I was reading it at work, and I'm pretty sure my face turned so red it was purple at one point. Because of the sex), so it's not difficult to get deeper than that.

Biking, books/comics, being really pale. Someday I'll get a dog. That's basically what I'm about.

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