Sad, neglected blog.

It seems that perhaps I should start posting things to my blog again. We'll see - rather, YOU'LL see, that I am still an incredibly exciting person who can post about dreaming about cats in Iraq and my sleepwalking sister.

Or maybe I'll just tell you about the time I microwaved my marching band music.

OR! I could tell you about what I'm doing now.

Now, my kitchen table is covered with travel supplies in preparation for a grand adventure. I am six months into a new job and I still haven't decided how good I am at it. I am growing basil in my apartment for fear that The Smoking Man downstairs will taint it with his constant smoking if I were to keep it on my balcony (and draw aliens to abduct me, but that's for another time). I watch television programs of questionable cultural value (Forever Knight?), and read comic books of immense cultural value.

Hopefully future entries will be more interesting... there have been several events lately that have made me think that I should resume blogging, but of course, none of them happened today. I'll keep you updated.

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