Puddle jumping shoes, they are.

Today is my sister's rainy day birthday! People suggested when she was a kid that we pretend to forget it was her birthday all day long, but we never did that. Because my sister is far too awesome to be subjected to cheap April Fool's jokes (except the one time I told her we ordered her from Egypt and she came to our house in a box). Truly! Happy Birthday to her! She is the best sister I could ever ask for.

Speaking of rainy days and people who enjoy them, if you have access to a Twilight DVD, you should watch it with the commentary on. An already stellar film is made eight thousand times better by Robert Pattinson's delightfully awkward commentary about his own eyebrows. Stellar! Did you read the GQ interview with him in which he mentioned never having a microwave before a month ago? And when he got one, he looked around for stuff to microwave and settled on... a carrot? I think if I were a tween, I'd find that endearing.

It does make me want to find out what happens when one sticks a carrot in the microwave and lets 'er rip. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some exploded produce pictures to share.

(Note about the above photo: I take a lot of pictures of my shoes. My explanation is that though most people find my taste in footwear supremely dorky, I really like all my shoes. For a girl who is not all that typically girly, I have a ton of them. I donated about half of them when I moved up here, and there are still so many that I have to step on them to get into my closet. Music or movies, Pringles, and shoes - it is hard for me to make a trip to Target for toilet paper and leave without one of these things. I have a major weakness for flip flops and trail running shoes. Thus, I have decided that my April photo project will be shoes. Probably mine, because how creepy would it be if I were the girl with the camera who wanted to photograph your feet? Today it was rainy and about three degrees warmer than freezing, so I decided it was time to break out the Keens. I probably should have gone with shoes that don't have holes in them.)

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