In which I am slightly gross, but this is nothing new.

Oh my gosh, guys!

I've been having a really rough couple weeks (what with my car continually trying to kill itself, someone hacking into my PayPal and Gmail accounts to steal what little money I have, and other things I won't mention on the Internet), and it's been frustrating. However, sometime in the night, a miracle happened.

I will now tell you about this miracle.

If you see me fairly regularly and look at my face a lot, you may have noticed that about two years ago I developed a mysterious bump underneath my left eye (or you may not have noticed, don't feel bad). It looked sort of like a pimple, but slightly less gross. Just this weird little hard white bump half an inch below my lower eyelid that hurt a bit when I washed my face. It showed up one morning out of the blue, and I thought it was a pimple, so I left it alone. However, after two weeks, I was beginning to become suspicious.

I poked it with things (ow). I put hot compresses on it (also ow). I tried different kinds of soap and new acne remedies from the extensive collection at the Target pharmacy. Nothing worked. After about a month I accepted that I now had a weird white bump on my face, in the dark circle part of under-my-eye. Because apparently my dark circles needed help looking grosser. Unable to figure out what it was through an extensive search of various docterin' websites (ah, the plight of the uninsured), I decided to call it a bumple.

Lately, I had become rather concerned about the bumple. Throughout the last two years it has varied in size and soreness level. Lately it had gotten bigger than usual and been especially irritated. What if it was a tumah? What if the bumple was actually under-the-eye cancer? What if it got bigger and bigger and started to obstruct my vision?! OH NO I'M GOING TO LOSE MY EYE!!

This morning I blearily went into the bathroom and washed my face as usual. I was putting in my contacts when I realized - The bumple had vanished in the night. There's a tiny little dry-ish area where it was, but the bump part is gone and it is no longer irritating.

I realize this is too much information and you don't care but I am really very excited about it. It was there when I went to bed, and when I woke up... it was gone.


In celebration, please virtually share these cookies I made.

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