What it do?

This is just an excuse to post pictures of my new apartment, and to say that I believe the best movie Madonna is in to be A League of Their Own.

Why yes, my Christmas tree does match my kitchen, thank you for noticing. And no, that is not really an accident. I find red is very easy to match when you have lots of slightly different-colored red things in your apartment.

It should surprise no one that this is my favorite part of the apartment. My books, my turntable, and my positively giant universal remote from Walgreen's I bought for $9 because MoPo and KP couldn't find the remote control to the TV they very generously let me take from their apartment. It never gets lost, and I bet you can't say that about your remote. Unless it too is the size of the seventh Harry Potter book.

My bedroom with Pedro Panda, a gift from my sister. He is from China!

I may have mentioned that I really like my kitchen and its little window into the living room. The majority of my apartment-time is spent in these two rooms, so it's good that I like them.

Woo apartment woo!


KP said...

The apartment looks nice! And we're always willing to come up for a visit if you're looking for company. :)

...and I'm glad the $9 remote is working out for you--I have no idea where that TV's real remote went to. Oh, well.

delightfully mediocre said...

No, the $9 remote is like, the crown jewel of the apartment. It's completely amazing and everyone is jealous of it's greatness.

And thanks. :) It's an okay apartment.