It's one, two, three...

Sports are fun. I was never into team sports in school because I really hated all the pressure that went along with it (this is, incidentally, also why I really hate group projects), but I do like to watch. I was on the tennis team, which is techically a team sport, but if I mess up, it is unlikely that my poor play will effect anyone else too badly. My real sport was gymnastics, though. Still technically a team sport, but nobody cares about the team comptetition. They care about the person who manages not to fall on her head during her vault.

I always liked vault.

Back to team sports, though. I like watching them. Soccer is good, football is good, baseball is good - I'm not a fan of cricket or polo, but that's mostly because I don't understand the rules and usually have no idea what's going on - like when they're actually playing as opposed to milling around on the field. Last weekend was a very baseball-riffic weekend, as I went to two games in as many days.

Baseball is nice. Man throws ball, game is on. Man is standing holding the ball doing nothing, one is free to not pay attention. It gets slow sometimes because of this, but that's why they sell so many different food families in little plastic hats. There's always a new one you can go try when the game is boring.

I also enjoyed ye olde Sausage Race, watching the Italian sausage defeat the bratwurst again, only to have the brat rally and triumph the following night! Victory for brats everywhere!

Oh, and the team won that second night, too. Huzzah!

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