We've got to save Ginny Weasley, from the basilisk! We've got to save the school again!

This week might hate me a little bit, which is a shame because I thought we were hitting it off. I was in a (totally unserious!) car accident yesterday on my lunch break which, no matter how minor, will still shake a person up and make things difficult until totally resolved. Today I was sternly reprimanded at work for something we later discovered I didn't actually do wrong. I'm thrilled that the accident wasn't worse and that my work boo-boo was not nearly as large as originally supposed, but...

...I'd still rather be here, doing this.

Of course, it's freezing in Maine right now, so nobody is canoeing unless they are crazy or some kind of badass wilderness mountain man (or mountain woman) person. I am not a badass wilderness mountain woman person, so I will instead celebrate the things that could've happened but didn't by making myself some stir-fry and starting The Great Six-Book Harry Potter Re-Read of 2007. Mmm, I feel an improved week coming on.

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