Scalable Vector Graphics?

I am taking a class online right now, and I have an assignment due next weekend. I've been a little concerned about this one because I hadn't checked out the assignment yet. This morning my power went out and my cell phones and such being re-connected to the power once it came back up woke me up at 7:30. On a Saturday. Unheard of! However, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get a bit of a jump on this assignment. Do you know what the assignment has turned out to be? Cake! It's cake! I'm doing it now and then going back to bed. Maybe I'll realize I'm tired by then.

I like globes, and was looking at this globe and contemplating something. Is it just because this globe was made in the United States, or do all globes show outlines of all the states? That seems awfully ethno-centric if they are. Why should people in Gambia have to look at a globe upon which it looks like the United States is made up of fifty little countires? Are they ever going to need to find out where Idaho is? Okay, they might. Props to Idaho, I hear it's cool. I just think it's odd that no other country has it's states or provinces outlined. I never noticed that before, but now that I'm posting about it I realize it's probably been like that my entire life.

Hmmm... I wonder which province Ottawa is in. I sure wish I had a globe with Canadian provinces on it!

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