"Do you like my stripe-ed jacket?"

High carved tree trunk Yankee bayonet a sweetheart left behind...

I'm excited because The Decemberists are one of my favorite slightly morbid slightly indie pop bands. I'm going to see them next week, and it promises to be a lovely, lovely time.

Also, I am going to South Africa this summer. (!) I'm much more excited about that, but since I don't have any pictures of South Africa (as I have never been there), this picture of Colin Meloy will have to serve. Colin is not South African. I'm pretty sure he's from Washington. Or maybe Oregon. I'm sure people out there mess up Wisconsin and Minnesota and Michigan and "all those states in the middle," so I don't feel to badly. I do know that Oregon is the one on the bottom, which is a start. Right?

So anyway, pretend this picture of Colin Meloy is actually a picture of how exciting it is to go to South Africa.

...I know, isn't it?

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