I want an alien for Christmas.

I had grand plans to take a picture of something wintery or Christmassy, stick it on the front of a piece of cardstock, and call it a Christmas card. These plans have been dashed by the memory of the last time I attempted to do this and wound up with a frozen camera, no Christmas cards, and a couple dozen annoyed people I'd promised really excellent cards.

I'm spectacularly bad at sending out Christmas cards. I bought some at the store this evening and have addressed about half of them, but if they actually get sent out before mid-March it will be a first.

So rather than look at a picture of something seasonal, look at this neat globe in the glowy library of the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. It reminded me of being below decks in some kind of fancy old tall ship.


Hawthorne Hotel said...

I love your photo of our Library at the Hawthorne Hotel. I would never have thought of that shot. I hope you would be okay with it, if I lifted it off of your blog and put in on the Hawthorne Hotel's blog. Please post back and let me know.

Thanks so much,

Juli Lederhaus
General Manager
Hawthorne Hotel

Hawthorne Hotel said...

Hi Jessie,

You photo will be on our blog on Tuesday the 12th, since today's blog is already done, and Monday's always is our flags of the week post.

We post every day, and have since March of 2005, so if you haven't seen our blog, you might like to look at it. You can get to it most easily by going to www.HawthorneHotel.com

Thanks again for sharing.

I would love to meet you the next time you come for a visit.